Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 3, 2016 My sister is the best ever

October 3, 2016
My sister Allis is so awesome! 
I got my hair cut and colored. since I couldn't have my favorite hairdresser, allis found me one in Astoria!

My baby is all grown up! Hermana Judkins is all done with training so I have no excuses to boss anyone around anymore. So they're sending me off to Longview. It was really cool to see this area grow so fast even with our little numbers. I know God has been preparing these people! I'm kinda sad to leave this place cause it's the celestial land but I'm stoked to be serving in a branch again! Also my new companion is named Hermana Eldredge! I think they only did it cause our mail kept getting messed but we'll see. Maybe some of the Hispanics will actually be able to pronounce my name if there is two of us though?

So Tuesday we had this lesson and the guy was just whipping out all these scriptures from the Bible. Not even to bash with us... just to show us he knows and loves the Bible I think? But it was hilarious cause he was staring Judkins down for some reason and would ask her questions like what did Solomon ask God in his prayer? And then a bunch of random ones you wouldn't know unless you knew where he was quoting from the Bible. And she still is learning so she couldn't really reply. Then he starts singing. Yeah, singing. "YO TENGO UN AMIGO QUE ME AMA, ME AMA, ME AMA. YO TENGO UN AMIGO QUE AMA Y SU NOMBRE ES...." and he looks and Judkins for what his friends name is and she goes... "JESUS!" (Really proudly) And he says "Si!" And keeps singing. Hahahah love being a missionary. 

Just remember that Jesus is your friend and he loves you! 
Thank you again for all the happy birthdays! I wish I had time to reply back to everyone but know that I love you!

1- post birthday barn party, blessings on blessings on blessings
2- the shyest human in the world became my best friend all thanks to cat stickers
3- Antonio, hno Nernberg, and Eduardo some of my favorite humans

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